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Rental has a main difference with racing karting: driven hard, crashed often and serviced only when necessary. That’s why Praga brought its racing experience to the Rental kart center, they are essentially racing karts modified for rental purposes. Praga idea of rental business with tracks owners is to supply everything, from buying and financing the kart fleet to its maintenance and even track equipment – barriers, timing, right down to asphalt.

The new IPK RENTAL KART equipped with a 4-stroke engine manages to stop the scale’s needle under 140 kg. In the search for the maximum lightness, IPKarting technicians have certainly not forgotten about durability, equipping the frame with 32 mm diameter tubes and reinforcing it at the most critical areas such as at the attachment of the Cs to the chassis and the hand-welding at the point where the side longerons meet the front tube of the chassis. There is also no shortage of solutions to increase the longevity of the vehicle and its components such as the “cut-off” system which prevents drivers from accelerating and braking at the same time, a system that has a direct impact on the budget of rental kart operators.
360° Protections and a easy maintenance

For the IPK RENTAL KART, IPKarting has designed a perimetral fairing which surrounds the entire kart, while the curved inserts inserted between the fairing and the chassis have the task of absorbing the impacts or jolts to protect the driver. At the front we also find a system designed to provide maximum protection against more violent impacts, consisting of a 32 mm tubular structure (just like the chassis) placed in front of the pedals and equipped with springs, capable of considerably increasing the dissipation of an impact. The pedals have been made with a containing design. Their shape prevents the foot from sliding off the optimal position, preventing the potential loss of control of the kart. In the end, great care has been dedicated to facilitating maintenance operations, thanks to the openings in the perimetral fairing which allow for a quick replacement of the tires without having to disassemble any components of the kart. The cover, which prevents drivers from coming into contact with moving parts, consisting of only 3 pieces, can be removed and repositioned in a few simple moves thanks to only 9 easily accessible quick-release clips. Even the application of the chain grease, an ordinary operation to be carried out frequently, is simple and does not involve any disassembly.

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