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The Italian company (a century-old firm that has specialized in the construction of Go Karts for over 40 years) has been pushing hard over the past year on a formula that is still not very popular in the rental sector: vehicles that are, yes, Rental in principle (sturdiness, ease of use and management for track owners) but Racing in the soul, with a two-stroke engine that pushes the karts over 105 km/h. (fm)

"We have noticed," the project manager tells us, "that those who love karting and have been trying their hand at Rental karts for some time, which are generally equipped with 4-stroke engines, look for that 'something extra' from the kart that sometimes only a two-stroke engine can give. Long-time karters know what I'm talking about, and the RMAX, the machine with which we have started our local championships and prize series, perfectly meets this need: 23 hp (or 28, depending on the choice in the configuration phase) of power, scorching acceleration, in short, a change of music compared to the classic rental thanks to the legendary Rotax engine that is the absolute protagonist in the world of Club racing worldwide. This is why I am convinced that many former drivers who may have hung up their helmets will return to the track with us for single events and then, who knows, they may become regulars at the arrive and drive formulas of our kart track customers where RMAX fleets are already present."

To launch the project, which is already underway at several kart tracks in Italy, TB Kart organized "The Final", an event along the lines of the great single-brand racing finals, putting up for grabs an unusual and coveted prize: participation as a driver at the Las Vegas Supernats with the TB Kart Racing Team, not rental, but with the official TB Kart Team - yes, you got it right.

The Final called "Las Vegas" saw the first 10 drivers of the Under 35 category and the first 10 of the Over 35 category at the start, who challenged each other in numerous batteries following the qualifying sessions on the two days of the race, as the creators of the race at TB Kart explain: "The event was open to all drivers who were at least 15 years old and at least 55 kg in weight (because of the ballast, as the regulation sets the minimum weight at 85 kg and provides for a maximum of 30 kg of ballast for each kart, ed.) We were thinking not only of those who love rental and are regulars, but also of those former drivers who for some reason have been away from the track for family, work, etc., but who would gladly get behind the wheel again. We wanted them to be behind the wheel as much as possible over the weekend and so it was: the drivers divided into four groups for each age group battled it out in the heats on Saturday and on Sunday morning in the double Superheats, just like in the FIA races. This year's winning driver in the end was the German Dennis Höller, a specialist in the Rental category who will be entitled to be one of our drivers no less than at the next Supernats, which will be run in Las Vegas at the end of the year on an arrive-and-drive basis. We will take care of everything, of course choosing a category to compete in that is commensurate with the driver's experience, probably a single-gear X30 Senior or IAME 100KA. The driver will only be responsible for the travel costs: keep in mind that the value of the complete race package for a race of that type in the USA is around 15,000 Euro. For the 2024 edition we have more news in mind, which we will announce shortly."

We took part in the race as guests (cat. Over 35) and we can confirm that we really drove a lot in two days and tested the quality of the rental vehicles equipped with the Rotax MAX 125cc two-stroke engine, decidedly more powerful than a classic rental, in a race weekend of a truly high level with participants from various nations, not only European.

The organization put in place by TB Kart in the management of the numerous technical requirements that a race of this kind entails (allocation of a different vehicle in each race for each driver with controlled self-management of ballasts, onboard cameras, and customized services) was excellent, and we believe that formulas like this can contribute to the promotion and development of our sport even among those who have never before attended go-kart tracks.

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