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After the enthusiastic Finals, the general positive feeling about the organisation and the quality of the races only served to confirm the Rotax MAX Challenge International Trophy's privileged position on the international scene.

The variable weather did nothing to tarnish the reputation of the event, whose high level of competitiveness won over the participants. Winners Emerson MacAndrew-Uren (GBR) in Micro Max, Albert Friend (GBR) in Mini Max, Tom Dussol (FRA) in Junior Max, Ethan Jeff-Hall (GBR) in Senior Max, Antoine Barbaroux (FRA) in DD2 Max and Maxime Gravouille (FRA) in DD2 Max Masters were all smiling at the prospect of their forthcoming participation in the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Final in Bahrain. (3MK Events)

The rain didn't really disrupt the event. In fact, the occasional spells of rain spiced up the event on a track that retained good grip despite the damp conditions. The standard of competition was once again breathtaking, with the best teams and drivers making full use of their abilities. The suspense during the Finals contributed greatly to the sporting interest of the confrontations, which were followed around the world thanks to the WFR Live live-streaming broadcast on Motorsport TV.

The friendly atmosphere so important to 3MK Events was fully expressed at the podium ceremony, which was accompanied by a draw for some very attractive prizes (Bell helmets, Rotax shopping vouchers, a €9,400 voucher) that brought Saturday to a close with an unforgettable festive moment. The much-awaited six tickets for the RMC Grand Finals were awarded to the winners.

Micro Max: MacAndrew-Uren wins a thrilling Final
Emerson MacAndrew-Uren (GBR) had already won the Super Heat before aiming for victory in the Final. Jenson Chalk (GBR-Kosmic/Rotax/Mojo) thwarted his plans midway through the race. The closing laps saw the intensity rise, with Zack Zhu (FRA) and Oliver Warner (GBR) in the leading group. MacAndrew-Ursen won by 14 thousandths from Chalk, before Zhu was disqualified due to a minor technical problem.

Micro Max Final results
1- Emerson MacAndrew-Uren (GBR-LN/Rotax/Mojo)
2- Jenson Chalk (GBR-Kosmic/Rotax/Mojo)
3- Oliver Warner (GBR-KR/Rotax/Mojo)
4- Senn Lindeman (NLD-Birel ART/Rotax/Mojo)
5- Jack Freeman (GBR-LN/Rotax/Mojo)

The cunning Friend wins in Mini Max
After Jacob Ashcroft (GBR) won the Super Heat, Nikita Ljubimov (EST) took control of the Final with Albert Friend (GBR) in his wake. Friend waited until the 12th of the 13 laps to attack and take a 0.121" lead over Ljubimov. Last in Qualifying, Zdenek Bibecek (CZE) took a superb 3rd place.

Mini Max Final results
1- Albert Friend (GBR-Tony Kart/Rotax/Mojo)
2- Nikita Ljubimov (EST-Tony Kart/Rotax/Mojo)
3- Zdenek Bibecek (CZE-MS Kart/Rotax/Mojo)
4- Jacob Ashcroft (GBR-LN/Rotax/Mojo)
5- Cole Denholm (GBR- LN/Rotax/Mojo)

Junior Max: Dussol takes his chance on the final lap
Winners of the Super Heats, Alberto Kiko Fracassi (ITA) and Kasper Schormans (NLD) were chasing each other at the front of the Final. Schormans overtook his rival on the penultimate lap and the battle continued as the chasing pack closed in. Tom Dussol (FRA) took advantage of the first two braking too late at the end of the straight to take P1 and the win. Julian Kovacevic (DEU) was the victim of this manoeuvre and Armand Hamilton (HUN) took 4th place.

Junior Max Final results
1- Tom Dussol (FRA-CRG/Rotax/Mojo)
2- Kasper Schorrmans (NLD-Sodi/Rotax/Mojo)
3- Alberto Kiko Fracassi (ITA-Tony Kart/Rotax/Mojo)
4- Armand Hamilton (HUN-Tony Kart/Rotax/Mojo)
5- Luka Scelles (FRA-Sodi/Rotax/Mojo)

Max Senior: Jeff-Hall wins in a thriller
Kai Rillaerts (BEL), Mark Kimber (GBR) and Kai Hunter (GBR) won the Max Senior Super Heats. Rillaerts looked set to win the Final despite an attack from Kimber. But Ethan Jeff-Hall was increasingly pressing and found the opening on the last lap to win the race on the wire. Kimber and Rillaerts were then penalised and Higgins took 2nd place ahead of Kafantaris.

Results of the Senior Max final
1- Ethan Jeff-Hall (GBR-Tony Kart/Rotax/Mojo)
2- Matthews Higgins (GBR-Tony Kart/Rotax/Mojo)
3- Georgios Kafantaris (GRC-Tony Kart/Rotax/Mojo)
4- Lewis Gilbert (GBR-Tony Kart/Rotax/Mojo)
5- Kai Hunter (GBR-LN/Rotax/Mojo)

DD2 Max: Barbaroux leads from start to finish
After Xen De Ruwe's (SVN) superb winning comeback in the Super Heat, Antoine Barbaroux (FRA) perfectly controlled his lead over the Slovenian in the Final. Christian Sørensen (DNK) was up against De Ruwe for 2nd place. Barbaroux took the win well clear of De Ruwe and Sørensen finished 3rd.

DD2 Max Final results
1- Antoine Barbaroux (FRA-Sodi/Rotax/Mojo)
2- Xen De Ruwe (SVN-Tony Kart/Rotax/Mojo)
3- Christian Sørensen (DNK-Birel ART/Rotax/Mojo)
4- Dylan Léger (FRA-Sodi/Rotax/Mojo)
5- Maxim Dirickx (BEL-KR/Rotax/Mojo)

DD2 Max Masters: Gravouille dominates to the end
Maxime Gravouille (FRA) first won the Super Heat before going solo at the head of the Final. Romain Mangé (FRA) and then Jannik Nielsen (DNK) made several attempts to put pressure on the leader, but to no avail. Gravouille eventually took the win ahead of Nielsen, while Olivier Paris (FRA) finished 3rd after Mangé dropped back to 10th place on the final lap.

Results of the DD2 Max Masters Final
1- Maxime Gravouille (FRA-Kosmic/Rotax/Mojo)
2- Jannik Nielsen (DNK-Tony Kart/Rotax/Mojo)
3- Olivier Paris (FRA-Tony Kart/Rotax/Mojo)
4- Florian Bourdon (FRA-Birel ART/Rotax/Mojo)
5- Charles Seguin (FRA-Tony Kart/Rotax/Mojo)

The results of the competition can be found on the RMCIT website and on its social networks.

Photocredits: KSP

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