Rene' Lammers, on the crest of a wave

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Personality and class, the qualities expressed by Lammers that, returning to the present, are finally decisive for him exactly as in the Cadet classes but, this time, at stake is the FIA Karting European title. In Cremona he was expected to take the most important exam, where it was forbidden to make mistakes. And he didn't commit any, bordering on perfection.

It is undoubtedly the season of truth for the Dutchman, finally among the greats of the premier class after a long but necessary apprenticeship. The first signs of immense growth had emerged at the last world championship in Sarno: fifth place in OKJ. In what could also have been his final, or partly was, what with the probably record recovery of twenty-five positions from the start. This, to underscore that he never gives up. A predisposition for outright speed and the capacity to read the race as a champion must. Important skills that Lammers has been able to put into practice this year, also and above all treasuring his apprenticeship in the 60 Mini. It was precisely in his Mini days that Lammers, born in 2008, showed off his speed and character right from the start, but with a few justified youthful mistakes too many. His, regardless, are the international WSK Super Master Series and Champions Cup victories in 2021 and always his, the victories and podiums in WSK Euro Series and again Champions Cup in 2020, just to name a few, aside from the national competitions. 

After only one victory so far in Denmark, in the penultimate round in Rodby, after many useful placements in the heats and above all in the finals (a third place in Spain and a third in the Czech Rep.) thus collecting a good haul of points to, thus, lead the general classification overtaking Gabriel Gomez by six points, Lammers in Cremona put the icing on the cake with a capital performance in the last and decisive round, almost embarrassing for his opponents.
It all adds up, and Lammers is simply picking up what he has done well, mistakes included so far; A round of applause also to the Parolin team, always at the top like last year in OKJ with Anatoly Khavalkin and before that in Senior with Gabriele Minì, all driven by the TM Kart engine which made the difference in this continental competition.

Words S. Corradengo - Pictures

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