Lammers wins European OK, Bondarev defends lead in OKJ

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FIA Karting European OK and OKJ titles awarded. Lammers (Parolin/TM Kart) wins the title in OK, dominating the race weekend. Bondarev, third at the finish, is good at recovering positions and defending his championship lead against a fearsome Ramaekers, winner of the Final. TM Kart wins its first title in OK. 

OK, Lammers Chapeau!
The OK Championship already had its winner even before the final was held. And the long-awaited duel for the title between Lammers and Gomez did not come to fruition. Lammers solved the matter early thanks to an impeccable performance: second-best time in qualifying and pole position in the Super Heats achieved after the heats and then also won.
Gabriel Gomez (CRG/Iame) threw away a favourable opportunity to conquer the title, or at least try to conquer it, by failing in the decisive round. In short, he failed... 
The continental kermesse thus ends in beauty for the Dutchman who faces the final with ease, a formality and still proving to be the fastest even in the final (47"874). 
Celebration also at home TM Kart which boasts its first title in OK.

Bondarev, number 1 in OKJ
It was expected to be a duel between Lammers and Gomez in OK and, instead, in the end, there was some suspense in OKJ with Bondarev (KR/Iame) who had to recover from the not-brilliant position of the qualifying session, while his direct rival for the title, the Belgian Ramaekers (KR/Iame), was nibbling away important points in the championship standings. The Ukrainian did well to make up for the dangerous situation that had arisen, holding the lead in the classification by just 11 points over Ramaekers, who was particularly on form on this occasion.

Photocredit: Vinyi

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