Birel ART: rising performances all the way to the Final at Cremona

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Once again, the tenacious work of the entire Birel ART Racing team, technicians and drivers alike, paid off at the fourth round of the Champions of the Future Euro Series, held at the Cremona circuit, where significant gains were made in the Final, such as the 21 places gained by Matheus Morgatto in OK.

"We know that only hard work will allow us to get closer to the front," said Riccardo Longhi, Birel ART Racing Team Manager. "That's why we're all determined to go down this road. The speed was unquestionably better at the end of the weekend in Cremona. After a difficult Qualifying session, there was already a noticeable improvement in the Qualifying Heats. Matheus Morgatto's spectacular progress in the OK Final was confirmed by the results of Leclerc by Lennox Racing drivers Noah Wolfe and Ean Eyckmans, a talented new recruit, both 8th on the Final finish line in OK-Junior and OK. We are convinced that this progress will be very useful during the last round of the European Championship in less than two weeks on this same circuit.”

Matheus Morgatto: 13th in the Final after climbing 21 places, 43 positions regained over the weekend.
Joel Bergstrom: 20 places recovered during the Qualifying Heats.

Ean Eyckmans / Leclerc by Lennox: 14th in the Final with an incorrectly positioned front fairing penalty, 8th on the finish line, a gain of 18 places on track and a total improvement of more than 50 places.

Kit Belofsky: Three top five finishes in the heats, up six places since Qualifying.

Noah Wolfe / Leclerc by Lennox: 8th in the Final (up six places)

Matias Orjuela / Leclerc by Lennox: +19 places in the Qualifying Heats, +9 places in the Super Heat, +9 places in the Final.

Press Release by: Birel ART - 18/07/23

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