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It rarely happens that, in sports that have seen a technical evolution, the past is regretted like in karting. Making this video we tried to understand why, with the help of two protagonists of the past and present of high profile karting. (fm)

Try to imagine tennis, or skiing: in these sports, a contemporary champion could hardly find "something good" in a tool dating back thirty years or more. It will be said that motorsport is a case in itself and it is not infrequent that, compared to the past, today's ultra-performing vehicles, on both two and four wheels, lose the challenge of the 'dark charm'. However, allow us to say that there is something more here: there is the very essentiality of the vehicle, of how it was conceived and how in its simplicity it characterized an era, even a rather long one. Karts like the FSA that took to the track in Cremona represent an evolution compared to the first "go-karts" of the 60s. In many cases, let's be honest, you had to go to the World Championship with professional mechanics and the pomposity of the father and son team with the vehicle on the roof of the car was already losing its aura in those years. However the vehicle itself, its simplicity, the speed with which you could operate it when it was leaning on the stand or when you had to entering a fast chicane at one 100 kmh on the track was much closer to that of the origins: in a word it was more 'approachable': from the drivers, who fell in love with them, from the mechanic, who "gave it a try" and could learn Sunday after Sunday, at his own expense, but he finally learned, approachable from families, in the end. The impression that we have left at the end of the day is just this, a feeling of approachability, cordiality, of "technical sincerity" - pass us the term. For better or for worse, the 100cc has thrilled us, who see it very clearly in our memories but we are happy that it has thrilled those who weren't born yet in those years and grew up driving vehicles and experiencing completely different atmospheres, without debates on regulations, about how crooked and perhaps incurable certain madnesses of today's karting are, there's time for that, we're here as always on the front line to talk about it whenever you want: for one day, however, we wanted to do something different, we wanted to show the world that the passion behind this sport is the same as always and that perhaps identifying the factors that could make today's karting better, perhaps save it from its own demise, are before everyone's eyes.

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Created by: fmarangon2 - 13/07/23

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