Decisive weekend in Sarno for the KZ FIA Karting European Championship

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With 75 points to be awarded, the discussion is open in both categories. Iglesias aims to consolidate CRG's dominance in KZ while the weekend promises to be hot among the cadets, with several very young contenders for the title.

In KZ the classification still sees several drivers competing for the European title. Class leader Senna Van Walstijn (Sodi-Tm), regular favorite by now in the European and World Championships, is aiming for his first FIA title. Between him and the European crown are the expert former World Champion Iglesias (CRG-Tm) plus various others including Viganò (Birel Art – Tm), Van Walstijn's teammate Denner and the only IAME powered among the top drivers contenders for the title. To keep an eye on, even if slightly further back in the general classification, is also the Tonykart duo made up of Leuillet (KZ2 Champion in 2022) and Camplese.
In the cadet class, the title question is quite uncertain on the eve, with several contenders who are in their first year in KZ but who have shown excellent results, proving the fact that KZ remains a fundamental experience before moving into car racing, which for many of them it is a formality that will materialize shortly. All full-time protagonists in OK Senior, among them the very young - he hasn't turned 15 yet - Freddie Slater (Birel Art - Tm), who after the successes in OKJ (he was World Champion in 2020) in KZ2 seems to have found a winning balance again, the Jamaican Powell (KR-IAME), his immediate pursuer and other terrible kids like Nakamura Berta as well as our Bertuca, current star performer in the Italian Championship. However, the fray does not lack more experienced drivers in the category such as Vasile (Birel Art – Tm) and Pescador (Kali'Kart / Tm), who could take advantage of the lively tussle between the younger drivers and aim for the title.
1- Senna Van Walstijn (NLD) - 72 points
2- Jérémy Iglesias (FRA) - 70 points
3- Danilo Albanese (ITA) - 50 points
4- Matteo Vigano (ITA) - 48 points
5- Emilien Denner (FRA) - 48 points

1- Freddie Slater (GBR) - 73 points
2- Alex Powell (JAM) - 66 points
3- Daniel Vasile (ROU) - 61 points
4- Kean Nakamura-Berta - 49 points
5- Matteo Spirgel (FRA) - 44 points


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