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For many young drivers, the inspiration is very often the idols of Formula 1. This is not the case of Vera Jurland, 13-year-old Swedish-Danish girl who sees in the unforgettable Lotta Helberg, a karting star loved by all, her model to follow. Because girls on the track are no longer a rarity (fm)

Vera began her karting journey with the esteemed Swedish karting team Ward Racing in 2020, which bolstered her desire for the sport. Throughout her first full karting season in 2021, she demonstrated a keen ability to quickly grasp the basics and refine her driving skills. Recognizing the importance of team support for her development, she stayed committed to Ward Racing, an organization that has continually provided her with the technical support and driving coaching needed to excel.
Ambitious and determined, Vera set a goal to finish the 2022 season as the fastest Swedish girl in the Cadet Junior J60 class – a goal she proudly achieved. She also competed in the Mini class (95cc) where she secured impressive placements. Despite experiencing a setback in the Swedish championship due to a crash, Vera took the lessons learned in stride. In honor of her passion and dedication to the sport, Vera was asked to wear and drive with a replica of the helmet worn by the legendary Lotta Hellberg (passed away in 2005), as a tribute to her incredible racing career, that includes a round of the European Championship in Formula Super A in Lonato, 1996 – with a remarkable fastest unbeatable lap. This act serves as a significant milestone in Vera's career, symbolizing her potential to carry Lotta's legacy forward in inspiring and motivating young female racers.
For the 2023 season, Vera has set her sights on taking her karting career to the next level by competing in the OKJ and X30 junior class. Her plan includes intensifying training in South Garda, Italy, and participating in various Swedish and Danish race competitions, demonstrating her commitment to continual growth and development. Vera's journey in motorsports is not just self-driven, but also supported by her team, her family, and sponsors who recognize her potential. Her collaboration with the Swedish branch of the digital innovation company, Cetrez and Huski Wear cloth company to highlight the desire to empower young girls in a field typically dominated by males, showcasing the importance of equal opportunities irrespective of gender. As Vera continues to carve her path in motorsports, her dedication, skill, and commitment to continual growth are a testament to her potential as a professional racing driver.

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