Dutch RMC and KZ2 Championship hit the halfway mark at Kerpen

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Last weekend, the Dutch Rotax MAX Challenge and Dutch Championship KZ2 were racing at the challenging Erftlandring Kerpen circuit in Germany for the third edition of the 2023 series.

With 151 drivers on the start grid, it was full house with great weather again and some good racing. The sun was shining and the knives were sharpened for the race for full points in the Dutch championship and the invitation tickets to the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals in Bahrain (December 2-9).

With the introduction of the lottery engine system in the Micro MAX and Mini MAX categories this year by event organizer and promoter Chrono Karting, the entries have been increasing consistently as the season progresses. This time there were a total of 40 youngsters joining the two classes and the interest still appears to continue to grow – even from outside of the local Rotax community.
Micro MAX was won by Julian Duemmer and Mini MAX by the 2022 RMC International Trophy winner Senn Lindeman, who were also top rookies. Maxim Becker was the Driver of the Day at the third round event. He drove from P23 in the Mini MAX final to finish on the podium in third place.

In Junior MAX, there was a great four-way battle in the last three laps that kept the race fans on the edge of their seats. The leading driver was eventually Mika van de Pavert while the best rookie was Boaz Maximov. Victory in Senior MAX went to Dion van Werven. Jayden Thien started the final on pole only to be out of contention on the first lap, coming back from P35 to find his way into the top 10 before official classification. Front-runner from the RMC Euro Trophy, rookie Enzo Bol, ran away with the win in the Rotax DD2 class and Dimitri Ostrovsky was the number one in DD2 Masters.

Going into the second half of the season, the Dutch RMC series leaders are Ryan Rampadarath (Micro MAX) and rookie Milano Schiphorst, Senn Lindeman (Mini MAX), Kasper Schormans (Junior MAX) and rookie Boaz Maximov, Dion van Werven (Senior MAX), Enzo Bol (DD2) and Christophe Adams (DD2 Masters).

Meanwhile, in the Dutch shifter Championship, two familiar names showed up on the podium, in their first appearance this year, to win the day in the round at Kerpen – Joey Hanssen in the KZ2 class and Jeroen Bos in the KZ2 Masters. Leading the points in the respective fields are Coen Doorn (KZ2) and Floris Schouten (KZ2 Masters) who incidentally both won their pre-finals at the event.

Gaby van de Burgt from Chrono Karting was extremely pleased with the round 3 event in Germany, “Congratulations to our podium place-getters in Kerpen. Great job to the drivers and their teams! It is always a warm welcome from our German friends and we really appreciate the hospitality. We would like to thank everyone for their participation and enthusiasm, which enables the RMC Netherlands to continue to be a fantastic series. I want to extend a big thank you to our team of dedicated race officials for their commitment and enthusiasm as well. No competition would be possible without them. TOGETHER we made it a great event.  We enjoyed it! Now we want to wish everyone a very nice summer holiday and see you in the Belgian Ardennes at Spa in August.”

Next up is the fourth round of the Dutch Rotax Max Challenge (NK 2T) on August 19 & 20 at the Spa Francorchamps circuit. The Belgian RMC drivers will be welcomed to join the competition as the second round of the BeNeFit League championship (combining points from BMC Mariembourg and Dutch RMC Spa). For more info, including the championship standings, check out www.chrono.nl.
The round 3 winners of the Dutch Rotax MAX Challenge:
Micro MAX
1 - Julian Duemmer
2 - Cees Muys
3 - Dimitar Lazarov
Micro MAX Rookie (Best Newcomer)
Julian Duemmer
Mini MAX
1 - Senn Lindeman
2 - Lieke van Boekel
3 - Maxim Becker
Mini MAX Rookie (Best Newcomer)
Senn Lindeman
Junior MAX
1 - Mika van de Pavert
2 - Kasper schormans
3 - Krit Knooren
Junior MAX Rookie (Best Newcomer)
Boaz Maximov
Senior MAX
1 - Dion van Werven
2 - Matthijs Terlouw
3 - Luuk Neessen
1 - Enzo Bol
2 - Imke Arts
3 - Nicolas Guillaume
DD2 Master
1 - Dimitri Ostrovsky
2 - Dominic Ummels
3 - Christophe Adams
The Dutch Championship KZ2 winners:

1 - Joey Hanssen
2 - Jeffrey Fikse
3 - Renzo Alibaks
KZ2 Masters
1 - Jeroen Bos
2 - Wesley de Waal
3 - Edgar Oosting
Driver of the Day
Maxim Becker (Mini MAX)   

RESULTS – https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/2243108

Photos Michael Melis-KartPhoto.com

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