Dennis Höller wins The Final TBKart and flies to Supernats 26 in November

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The German Höller wins the first edition of the TBKart Final in Ottobiano, a special rental event with an international fleet of drivers and a dream prize for every kart driver...

Dennis Höller will fulfill his dream of racing in the Las Vegas Supernats with the TB Kart livery on November 12th. The Rental racing specialist, who has several victories to his credit in the most famous events of this kind all over the world, got the better of a group of over 50 drivers of different nationalities. The race weekend conceived by TBKart came to life on Saturday morning with the first rounds of free practice and saw all the drivers at the wheel in a continuous succession of heats which made it possible to draw up a general classification which allowed access to the Final of Sunday evening to the best 20 drivers, who by regulation had been divided into the Under and Over 35 categories. In fact, the race formula, by the will of the organizers, was that the drivers stay on the track as much as possible and the efficiency of the TBKart Team , present in full ranks at the South Milan track, has made it possible to win the difficult challenge that every 'first edition' presents. The model of inspiration is that of other grand Finals existing in the world of karting and that of TBKart also aspires to become a classic of the genre for the drivers of the Rental basin but not only. At the heart of the success of this project is the vehicle designed for this type of event, a Rental Kart TBkart equipped with a Rotax Max 125 engine which has allowed significant performances on this track (maximum speed of almost 110 km/h) and an exciting level of racing thanks also to a tire suitable for that type of vehicle, performing but long-lasting. Confirming the great competitiveness of all vehicles and in order to guarantee each driver being able to demonstrate his full potential in the race, a regulation was devised which provided for the assignment of a different kart (each with personalized ballasts based on the weight of each of the drivers performed officially during the technical checks) for each practice session, with the hard work of the technical staff who, at each driver change, provided for refueling, adaptation of the vehicle to the driver and customization with the relative number of competition. Among the services intended for the driver, telemetry on board each of the karts and the possibility of recording and viewing the videos of one's session within a few minutes via an action camera system that the organization took care to fix to the driver's helmet pilot at the start of each session. As for the close reporting of the Las Vegas Final, the German driver remounted the Spanish Valverde who started from pole as favorite together with the Italian Piraneo. Until about halfway through the race the Spaniard was able to repel Höller's attacks but the specialist made use of his experience by controlling his rival and attacking him when it was time. In the final, the Italian Cioni was also a great protagonist who, in addition to mocking Valverde for second place, also took away the satisfaction of the fastest lap. We from Vroom were also in the race, invited by the organization in the Over 35 category: we narrowly missed the Vegas final, due to a contact in one of the morning Heats which jeopardized our ranking, but we were able to live from the inside the atmosphere of a very professionally organized event, in an area that we believe has enormous potential to save the future of our sport.

Dennis Höller now has only to wait for the 26th edition of the SKUSA SuperNationals, and decide with the TBKart Racing Team in which direct drive category to register.

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