Packed paddock as fans flock to Dutch RMC in Eindhoven

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What a great weekend it was at Circuit de Landsard, Eindhoven in the Netherlands last weekend!

134 drivers were eager to win the second round of the Rotax MAX Challenge Dutch Championship. The sun was shining and the number of race fans who turned out to cheer on the competitors was enormous.
The first round of the Dutch RMC at Circuit Park Berghem on March 26 was also a race not to forget.
Regardless of all the rain they had, the drivers still loved it and all 150 drivers were enthusiastic.

Chrono Karting happy with the success formula

This season Chrono Karting has invested in 40 brand new Rotax Micro- and Mini MAX engines for the Rotax MAX Challenge (RMC) Netherlands’ national series.

Given the success of the Dutch 4T Karting Championship, in which all young karters drive with 4-stroke engines also supplied by the organization, the next step to do this with Micro MAX and Mini MAX was made in no time. And the success was unprecedented, because the organization has already purchased another 10 new Rotax engines to offer all young drivers the opportunity to race with this formula. The drivers now determine the victory – and not the wallet or the budget.

On Saturday by a lottery draw, the drivers are allocated their Rotax engine with which they can train all day. The race is on Sunday and after the race the rental engines are returned clean to the event organization. This is repeated for each of the six rounds for the championship. The organization ensures that the engines are checked and prepared to ensure the parity is equal for the next race.

The second round of the Dutch Rotax MAX Challenge proved yet again that the concept has created some renewed interest; the Mini MAX class was full, while the Micro MAX class is consistently on the rise. Not only is the objective to build the ideal platform for youngsters to develop their racing skills in a fair and competitive field, but also to ensure the future looks certain for their transition to Juniors. Ultimately, this benefits the competitors and parents, many of whom maybe newcomers to the sport, along with the race teams too. As event organizer and promoter, the commitment of Chrono Karting is their further investment in the ongoing growth and sustainability of the Dutch RMC karting series.

Chrono Karting’s Gaby van de Burgt is delighted with the response to their new initiative this year, bringing with it much positive feedback. “I’m very proud of what we are achieving already and feel this is the best solution for our entry-level categories to grow now,” says Gaby. “Only in this way, we can continue to gain the trust of our fanatical drivers and their parents at this time. And hearing their confirmation of this, we know we are on the right way to improve. Even our southern neighbors over the border have also discovered our new set-up and were very enthusiastic about the racing level and the equal battle that is now being fought on the track. We are really pleased to hear the encouraging comments from very satisfied competitors more and more. It’s why we do what we do! So we are already looking forward to the next race on June 4 at the Erftlandring Kerpen circuit in Germany.”

The winners of the second round of the Dutch Rotax Max Challenge:

Micro MAX
1st - Julian Duemmer
2nd - Ryan Rampadarath
3rd - Cees Muys
Micro MAX Rookie - Julian Duemmer

Mini MAX
1st - Felipe Reijs
2nd - Senn Lindeman
3rd - Lieke van Boekel
Mini MAX Rookie - Senn Lindeman

Junior MAX
1st - Kasper Schormans
2nd - Ties van Wijk
3rd - Kevin Navis
Junior MAX Rookie - Max van Hout
Senior MAX
1st - Dion van Werven
2nd - Yort van Wijk
3rd - Matthijs Terlouw
1st - Enzo Bol
2nd - Rick van de Straat
3rd - Jordy Westerlaken
DD2 Masters
1st - Dominic Ummels
2nd - Christophe Adams
3rd - Mickey Bertram
1st - Coen Doorn
2nd - Jeffrey Fikse
3rd - Quinn Winkel
KZ2 Masters
1st - Wesley de Waal
2nd - Floris Schouten
3rd - Edgar Oosting
Driver of the Day: Matthijs Terlouw

Visit Chrono Karting for more information about the Dutch RMC 2023 -

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