Nyck De Vries already at risk? The turn-over nightmare of F1

Columns: From Kart to F1, a site much appreciated by F1 fans, wonders that De Vries' F1 career is already at risk: how does this reflection affect us all?

According to, the lackluster start to the season could cost the highest price to Nyck De Vries, who has been at the door of F1 for a long time due to his brilliant results in minor formulas and in Karting (two World Championships won) and is finally at the start with a regular contract this 2023 season at the wheel of Alpha Tauri. WTF1's reflections are all objective and acceptable, such as those on his debut race at Monza last year (9th at the finish line), acclaimed by the critics but which "was a race where nine drivers had power unit penalties” or again, that despite his 2019 F2 title “ but got overshadowed by the Class of 2018 (George Russell, Lando Norris and Alex Albon) the year before he won the title”. Regarding his successes in Formula E, we read that" it was with a qualifying format that actively hampered the drivers at the top of the standings, making the series artificially closer than it should have been. That format was scrapped for the 2022 season, just in time for his teammate, former McLaren F1 driver Stoffel Vandoorne, to beat him convincingly for a title of his own". All true, even the fact that his name is indeed associated with drivers that he often beat in karting, but who have been in Formula1 for much longer than him and as of today, a performance comparison is no longer practicable, even if only for one a matter of specific experience at the wheel of an F1 with the pressure levels of F1 itself, which also requires at least mental, as well as obviously physical, adaptation. And so what says is true: with very young talents eager for a place in F1 and a Circus increasingly thirsty for "stock characters" Nyck could paradoxically find himself out of the game and with a truly uphill career continuation, again. All this before the fateful 30 years (he was born in 1995), which are now – always paradoxically – an age in which a rider who has not at least become a World Champion once can be considered ‘on sunset boulevard'. This is today's F1, which inevitably and cascadingly invests as a philosophy everything below it in the FIA pyramid, up to Karting. There is obviously a different kind of karting that survives, but barely survives: it’s the grassroots, the strength of our sport, the one not invaded by dreams of F1, which, as demonstrated by the De Vries case, is affected by the worst influences of a world system based on commercial logic, profit, and essentially not related to sport. A system that exposes young people, from a very young age, to burn-out, as unfortunately happens in many other sectors of professional life, in which those who have decided to 'follow the dream' seriously risk getting burned-out…

Created by: fmarangon2 - 05/05/23

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