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Another piece of karting history left us, this past April 14. Angelo Parrilla, co-founder of the legendary DAP with his brother Achille, passed away from the affections of his family and friends after a long illness that gradually undermined him in body, but never in soul.

A co-founder of the legendary DAP with his brother Achille, he made essential contributions to the development of karting worldwide for more than 20 years. A man of extraordinary personality, intelligence, and business acumen, he knew how to create from nothing a company that would reach the pinnacle of our sport by first making engines, then chassis, characterized not only by ingenious technical innovations but also by a sophistication in design and construction that few others could match.
His obsession with perfection, lightness, quality as well as magnesium components made his DAPs not only among the most successful, but also among the most beautiful karts ever. His vision was linked to the heroic times of our sport, and memorable were his bitter battles against decisions of the sporting authorities that would throw karting into chaos and years of decadence, such as the choice to promote the inauspicious and useless 135 class or the even crazier choice of the elimination of the 100 in favor of the failing KF.
Probably the return of direct-drive karting with OK is owed precisely to the lengthy discussions of one Angelo Parrilla who, although professionally away from karting by then, was able to give precise indications to the then CIK FIA top management to climb back up the ladder and restore the single-gear class to its former glory. 
To the Parrilla family goes the condolences of the Vroom editorial staff.

Press Release by: Vroomkart - 17/04/23

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