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The young lady who practically stole the show at the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals 2021 in Bahrain when she blitzed the Rotax Senior MAX field, was back on track last week in a new category. Tereza Babickova showed up in Spain at the first event on the international calendar for Rotax in Europe, the RMCET Winter Cup, driving the DD2 - Direct Drive 2-speed gearbox. (jw)

Once again, the incredibly fast Czech driver was impressive! In her debut in the Rotax premier class up against some of the most experienced guys and also the young drivers moving up this year, Babickova secured pole position. She was undefeated in all three qualifying heats and the Pre-Final, before having a technical issue in the closing stages of the Final that hampered her chances of winning the title. She still finished third for a podium and gained a lot of respect from her rivals in the process. 
The eldest family member of four TEPZ Racing Team drivers, all of who competed at the Rotax event in Campillos and were all front-runners, will celebrate her twentieth birthday in March. Following her outstanding performance on the world stage back in Bahrain where she literally out-drove the competition, including the former CIK-FIA World OK Champion, RMC Euro Trophy and reigning RMCGF champion in Seniors, Callum Bradshaw, as well as triple Rotax world #1 in three classes plus Rotax Euro Trophy champion Mark Kimber, among others ranked in the top drivers worldwide, her success has taken her into formula racing. She was invited to test for the all-female F3 W Series immediately after the Rotax Grand Finals and went on to compete in the championship throughout 2022.  We caught up with Tereza during the RMCET Winter Cup on her surprise appearance in the Rotax DD2 in Spain. 
First of all, tell us about racing Rotax DD2 at this year’s RMCET Winter Cup. 
«Well its definitely very challenging because I have never done any European or a big race with DD2, so lot of the things are new for me, such as front brakes. Of course, the gears and the driving style is totally different. Considering that I think its going pretty well, especially with so much grip it’s difficult, so I’m happy we are up there at the first race of the [Rotax] season. Hopefully we can manage the tyres well in the Pre-final and start on pole for the final. That’s the aim, so lets see.»

How much of a challenge was it to adapt to driving the 2-speed kart?
«I practiced with kz few times this year, so to adapt to dd2 wasn’t too difficult for me of course there is always room for important, but so far I am happy with the speed and overall performance. »

How well do you know the circuit in Campillos and why the move to DD2?
«First time at this track was at 2020 at the Rotax Winter Cup as well and since then I’ve been here a couple of times, so I’d say I know this circuit fairly well. I really enjoy this track, it has a very interesting and fun to drive layout. Previous I only drove around here in Rotax Senior MAX and non gears classes, therefore I had to find a little bit different driving style, such as attack the braking more because now I have front brakes. I always enjoy to try new stuff thats why we went with the DD2 this time. »

What have you got lined up on your race program for 2023 and will we see you back in the Rotax DD2 again? 
«My plans for 2023 are not fully clear yet. I will do quite a few championships, some of those being FIA Karting European Championship, IAME European Championship, BNL - where I might be doing DD2 and Senior MAX the same weekend. So that will for sure be very difficult and quick adapting, changing my driving style between sessions will be needed. Then I have some tests planned in F3 Regional, but as far as racing in this category goes, I am not fully aware of what we’re doing just yet.»
Photocredit: @fotocar13 - © Nina Megger 

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