Max Verstappen and his memorable 2013: ten years later, will he repeat the feat in F1 too?

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2013 was Verstappen's dream year in karting: World and European KZ Champion, European KF (now OK) Champion, and third place in the KF World Championship

To think that the former official CRG driver had won the first WSK round already in February at La Conca (in KZ2) and the 18th Winter Cup in Lonato (in KF2), just to make it clear right away who was the man to beat at the beginning of the season. In March, Max repeated himself by winning at La Conca always in WSK again in May, but the first important milestone for what will be his masterpiece season he plants on May 19 in Wackersdorf where Max with the CRG powered by TM dominates the first stage of the European KZ Championship by trimming two-tenths of a second per lap off rivals. At the first stage of the European KF in June, in Alcaniz (Spain), Max fails to repeat as happened with KZ finishing third at the finish line with some difficulties due to a retirement in an elimination heat. But on July 30 in Genk (Belgium) Verstappen confirms himself as the strongest in KZ with an overpowering victory in the final graduating himself as European champion.
Max does not seem to be satisfied at all and aware of his potential he aims to win the KF Continental title, a goal he achieves in July at the second round held in Ortona (Italy). Max manages to win the title thanks to a second place behind Frenchman Moineault, after a good duel with Polish Basz.
The history of karting returns to record in that fateful 2013 sequence of events in which a driver makes himself a winning protagonist by winning the most important titles of the FIA Karting season. It happened before with Danilo Rossi in 1992. So, on September 22 in Varennes (France) Max Verstappen (he will turn 16 years old a few days later) wins the KZ world title in his first season in the category, ahead of Charles Leclerc.
Max also makes his mark at PF International (UK) in the first round of the KF world championship, where he excels in every single race session. In Bahrain, however, Max will run into a disqualification due to a contact in the final with Danish driver Nielsen, finishing "only" third overall. The 2013 of karting can be said to have been a "one-man show" by Max Verstappen (and CRG-TM). Will he want to take inspiration ten years later from this legendary season by repeating himself in Formula 1 as well?

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