DD2: the perfect kart for pure driving pleasure, word-of Rubens Barrichello

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The Brazilian former F1 legend, has been driving the Rotax machines with gearboxes for years. We asked him why this kind of kart can be the right choice for newcomers - especially adult people - on track. (fm)

For several years now you have been driving Rotax karts with the gearbox on the steering wheel, the DD2s: please tell us what the difference is with KZ, the FIA category with the gearbox, to those who don't know them.
«DD2 is a modern category, not well known in the world: when I was racing karts, I didn't even know KZ existed. Then when, more recently, I drove a KZ, I physically struggled a lot and had to practice a lot before I became physically well. I remember when my F1 friends, like Hulkenberg (the two were together in Williams in 2010, ed.) came to Brazil to drive my KZ and he said to me that it was physically tougher than a Formula 1 car to drive! DD2 is almost the same to KZ; front brakes, but is a little easier physically, so you have two gears and have to think about the ratio, the lines you hold are more similar to what you do with cars; at the same time, however, you make less effort from a physical point of view as you have only two gears, but you have to use them, you have to know how to use them, to take advantage of the engine revs, and so on. For me it’s a very, very entertaining category. I think it’s little known in general but anyone who has driven a DD2 definitely wants to drive it again! In 2023 I'll be surely racing again to get my Grand Finals ticket in DD2!»

To know more about DD2: https://www.rotax-kart.com/news/dd2-video

Created by: fmarangon2 - 29/01/23

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