Highlights 2022 - Tom Leuillet: a title full of meaning

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An European Championship on just two rounds is something arguable, but at the moment it is the method by which the FIA assigns titles and two out of two rounds are not won by chance. But the Frenchman's success is also special for another reason...

A long-experienced driver (born in 1999), after several years in the shifter categories, Leuillet added his name to the golden register of the continental title by dominating the opening race in Genk and repeating in Cremona, where he could have raced with one eye on the standings and one on the gas pedal and instead he peremptorily imposed himself going to take the first position without leaving anything to his good pursuers, including Bertuca who in two months would have replicated his first podium in a FIA race at the World Championship . Leuillet's story takes on a particular flavor also because just over a year before the title with Lennox and Tm (the Italian engines house won its 5th consecutive European title), he had been the protagonist, in Lonato, of a nasty crash in which he really risked a lot and that kept him, due to several operations on his legs and a very, very long recovery, away from the track for a long time. On his return to racing, which must not have been easy after such a troubled convalescence, he showed that he was ready to put his name among the greats of karting and he did so at the first available opportunity. In 2023, the challenge of defending the colors of one of the most famous manufacturers awaits him, in the premier class, together with the karting world elite.

Photocredit: Mario Perrucca

Created by: fmarangon2 - 30/12/22

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