Highlights 2022 - Severiukhin in Portimao, much ado about nothing

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Karting once again in the spotlight, but not for the right reasons. The russian young drivers's gesture made many talk, but nothing good came out of the useless debate: to understand something more about these guys and how this sport needs a change of course.

With a FIA season less and less easy to make the most of in the midst of a calendar crammed with non-titled races that move teams all over Italy (and Europe, with the COTF "FIA pre-races") from January to December, the fact for which karting made headlines at the beginning of the year it was an episode as they say "for the use and consumption of social networks": nothing related to the track, in the best tradition of a minor sport. As in the case of the fist fight at the Lonato World Cup in 2020, the mainstream press, thanks to the international climate of war of those days, pounced on the rash gesture - and in all probability not fully aware - of a teenager on the podium. We talked about it here, and we didn't go any further. Artem Severiukhin, the protagonist of the unpleasant story was removed from the slopes and was not heard of again for quite a while except in a press release from Team Lennox which welcomed him into the Team declaring that "everyone should be given a second possibility”, and then a few days later cancel the announcement with an equally short press release. The destiny of the boy, who in any case continued to train in his home country for the whole year thinking about a return - in KZ - will remain somehow linked to this episode, in the era of information done badly and only through click-baiting effect. What could be talked about at length is the fate of this sport, which hasn't come out very well from all this affair, but which apparently isn't very worried about how it appears on the outside, to people who don't know it, even because it wouldn't look good.

Created by: fmarangon2 - 29/12/22

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