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Important news from TM Racing for the entire engine range for homologation 2023-2025 (p. mancini)

TM Racing KZ R2
The KZ R2 is the evolution of the previous KZ R1 model. The most important novelties concern the cylinder, muffler and reed valve.  Already from the first tests it showed a major performance step forward without ever losing the proverbial reliability and overall efficiency of its predecessor.
TM Racing OK and OKN S3
The new OK S3 engines externally are indistinguishable from the engines of previous homologation. Different is the development of fluid dynamics. No flights of fancy, but detail changes that, as insiders well know, are the ones that make the difference.
TM Racing Mini 3 and Mini 3B
TM Racing's Mini 3 has many new features and is homologated in 2 versions that differ in the presence or absence of the piston roller cage. They have a new transfer case and crankcase, as well as the novelty of roller crank bearings.


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