Modena Engines, KK3 Revolution!

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Modena Engines relaunches its challenge among kart engine producers and tuners with a brand-new KZ powerplant called KK3. Confirmed, their full confidence in the OK and OKJ engines, re-approved, accompanied by the new OKN homologations. (p. mancini)

Modena Engines, whose development is curated by DR Racing, relaunches its challenge with a completely new engine for KZ125. The KK3 has nothing in common with the previous KK2 as regards the thermal unit, crankcase, crankshaft, reed valve pack, gearbox. In numerous dyno and track tests, the KK3 immediately proved to be more effective than the KK2 over the entire rev range, especially in terms of torque and acceleration.
Within the Modena Engines family of single-gear engines, the most important novelty is in the homologation of the OKN powerplant, a category in which Danilo Rossi is a great believer. The powerplant is derived from the proven and competitive OKJ, without the exhaust throttle valve.


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