Rotax presents the new E10 powertrain for Minikart and leisure

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Rotax presents the new powertrain for Minikart: the goal is the new generations.

In a world that is changing before our eyes, a player of absolute importance in the karting world like Rotax cannot escape the challenges that the market lets emerge, while a new generation of guys increasingly sensitive to environmental issues grows with a different vision of Motorsport as well. Four years after launching the E20, the first electric-powered Racing kart - racing in Portimao’s RMCGF in the two categories reserved for Junior and Senior drivers - the Austrian house doubles, with a vehicle to be flanked by the flagship, the E10.
The basic idea, as it was for E20, is on the one hand to ‘simplify’ the vehicle by further reducing the moving parts subject to wear and which are the basis of frequent and onerous maintenance on the other that of accompanying the new generation of karters in a more sustainable motorsport scenario and that in recent years is seeing more and more projects with low environmental impact. E10 is in fact a racing minikart aimed at new drivers that can, depending on the number of batteries used, deliver a power of 7kW (with one battery) or 14kW (two batteries). The weight will vary between 66 and 76 kg, as well as the maximum speed, between 80 and 100 km/h depending on whether you use one or two batteries and you can then accompany the boy in physical and competitive growth.
“Boost your kid’s talent, joy and ambition” is the leit motif with which Rotax accompanies the presentation of this vehicle that has, in the words of the top management of the company, the ambition to put in the hands of the drivers not only an engine whether a petrol engine or a powertrain, but the historical experience of the house that since 1997 has decided to dedicate itself to the basic Returning to the E10, of which we will soon reveal more details and specific performance detected by the track tests, the declared battery life is about 20 minutes depending on the circuits and the destination of the power unit will also be that of karting for recreational purposes. More complete information will follow on where to see the E10 in action in the early months of 2023.

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