Mirko Sguerzoni: «Russell, a professional from the very start.»

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The first victory in Formula One is always a milestone. In George Russell's case, it is yet another confirmation of a generation of top kart drivers but also of how knowing how to drive is not the only skill to work on. (f.marangon)

We do not yet know if current karting will produce as many talents as are now competing on the most prestigious stage of motorsport. The crescendo, but above all the great consistency of results, that has brought Geroge Russell to the confirmation of that promise on which so many were betting since the year of his debut in Formula 1 in 2019, brings us back to that young boy who has been so determined from his very beginnings in karting. The recollection of Mirko Sguerzoni, from Intrepid, a vehicle on which the Briton won the European Championship in KF3 (the OKJ of the time) in 2012, is related precisely to the driver's main talent:
«From the very beginning, we were struck by his 'professionalism'. It is strange to talk about professionalism in a 13-year-old boy, but it is an aspect that in George's case made and in my opinion still makes a difference. He applied himself, put all the advice into practice, and was completely dedicated to his work, and this is something that in karting you see right away: at that age, boys, although fast on the track and with a good foundation, are often distracted by so many things; they are more dispersive, less focused. George wasn't. He was a professional, has always been.»
The peremptory manner in which he won the 2012 European Championship with 3 wins out of 4 races was a not insignificant calling card for the continuation, or progress, of his career, which also passed by that now-famous Powerpoint presentation with which, 15 years old, he impressed his future Team Manager Toto Wolff. Of course, one does not get to Formula One and to be a GP Winner by results and commitment alone - alas, we know that all too well; certainly, however, constant commitment, having a clear goal in mind and 'professionalism' on the track from a young age can be an inspiration to many young people in our sport, whether they aim for Formula One or simply to be taken seriously when life presents them with opportunities.

Created by: fmarangon2 - 14/11/22

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