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Jorn Haase tells us about the season of drivers who raced with his chassis. (m. boscariol)

Jorn tell us about this past season!
Officially we, as Haase company, do not have a Racing Team. We did a couple of races this year, including one 15 days ago at Le Mans, in which we did very well. Being small, it’s difficult for us to focus on racing as well, but we still do our testing. With the new homologations from last year, our chassis are really doing extremely well! We have small teams in Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Australia, Santo Domingo and all with very good results this season.
We won the Iame Series Championship in Finland and the Rotax MAX Challenge in Sweden. The results are there, both with OK chassis (X30, Rok, and Rotax, to be clear) and DD2 chassis, where we always had good results in Northern Europe.
Having few drivers, however, things become more difficult for us! Our OK chassis are really going very well and next year we’d like to run in competitions like WSK, obviously doing the necessary developments and tests on our nearby tracks of Lonato and Franciacorta.
This year we’ve favored factory work over racing, and in Italy, for now, our sales are very limited compared to abroad.
Objectives for next season?
Our intention is to return to KZ, maybe leaning on some small but serious teams. Obviously, in KZ we need more work on chassis grip and brakes... For Mini and OK, we are very keen to engage directly and we’d like to participate in the OK/OKJ world championship in Franciacorta! But we’re not like the big manufacturers who have a factory on one side and a racing team on the other. At WSK, the chassis being used at the end are from 5 or 6 manufacturers; then there are small companies like ours that have to divide their time and efforts between the factory and the will to rebuild a racing team to participate in international races.
If you look at the CIK-FIA calendar and combine it with the IAME and Rotax calendars, however, it’s all quite scary! There’s a race every week! Then the costs in this sport, as you well know, have become exaggerated.
What do you think about OKN?
The idea of a national category like OKN in every Nation is definitely a good one. Today there are too many categories and this could simplify things. We have to see in how many countries this category will catch on. Rotax and Iame won’t certainly like it, but neither can we think of karting only at the professional and international levels. Let's see in person how it will be next year!

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