Vroom on track for the T4 Nations Cup - Day 3

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Mission accomplished. On the third and final day of competition we won the final and experienced the event with all its emotions. (F.M.)

Sunday is the only day that counts in Motorsport as we know, and whether you run to tell the event from within by telling a story or to win the race, Sunday is the day of adrenaline. And this is how take part in the wild bunch of heats and superheats cannot leave us completely indifferent: “now that I'm here, I'll be all in”, you say inside the helmet and the bagarre is treacherous, and above all unpredictable. A group contact in the last heat, for which I also see myself imposing a (fair) penalty for the front fairing, forces me to play it all out in the superheats, so while I line up for the last chance to earn the final I tell myself that I will not risk too much, especially on the first lap: during the first lap I will instead end up in a “sandwich crash”, hit and pushed onto two other drivers, a maneuver that in addition to making me lose several positions completely deprives me of the two hooks that hold the front fairing ( while the marshals wait for me in the parc fermè ). The incredible thing, however, is that instead of detaching and flying away, forcing me to retreat in that case, the front fairing remains attached to the chassis (I still don't know how) and allows me to finish in a position that allows me to catch the last spot on the grid (the 36th). for the Final. In the Final, following a super start in which we recover over 10 positions, there is a micro contact with a driver who in an attempt to overtake me forces me to make a small mistake on the dirt that cost me several positions. I will be 31st at the finish line after a long final of 14 laps (a lap here is nice long: 1400m) but proud to have honored the livery of my glorious and beloved Magazine. For the record of the race, to win in our category (the most numerous) was the British-Jamaican Khali Atkins who got the better of the American McIntyre: the peculiarity of this victory was the fact that the first classified got the Ticket to the Nations Cup by winning the E-Sport championship organized in collaboration with KartSim. Khali, despite being a kart driver with experience in the two strokes, got on a 4-stroke kart for the first time here in Valencia and immediately gave everyone a hard time, prevailing over the very strong American drivers who, thanks to their experience with vehicles of this type, which in the USA are a tradition, have always been in the top positions throughout the weekend. As a matter of fact, Atkins’ was a real experience from the SIM to the track, proving how the two worlds today are more than ever connected to each other.

Photocredit: Josh East Photography

Created by: fmarangon2 - 02/10/22

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