Vroom on track for the T4 Nations Cup - Day 2

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At the Lucas Guerrero karting circuit the races come to life: qualifying and heats to select the 36 participants in the final (F.M.)

The drivers of the largest category, the Senior, which is obviously the one in which we are enrolled, have been divided into 4 groups that following the qualifying have faced today in Cik FIA style heats. In the late morning of tomorrow, the last two heats and the two superheats are scheduled, which will assign the best 36 finishers a place on the grid for the coveted final. As far as we are concerned, we knew it would not be a walk in the park but after all we cannot complain and we are trying to honor that mythical number 89 chosen to celebrate the year of Vroom's birth. In qualifying, thanks also to the slipstream of some American 'friends' to whom I attached myself in the last two laps, I managed to improve my best time from yesterday's free practice and in the race we dropped another second even if the heats are - for everyone, always - a reserve of unexpected events and surprises. In today's first heat, a long duel in the rear - in which I admit I had a lot of fun - characterized the whole race and the fact of not being able to break away from my closest rival relegated me to a sprint finish but still without damage and points. In the second heat, I literally threw away an excellent opportunity that a couple of contacts between some mid pack drivers had offered me. As able to avoid the mess and gain a lot of positions already in the first lap, as stupid in going into a spin alone - perhaps betrayed by the still cold tires - in the eagerness to follow the group of the first to which I was unexpectedly found close by. Restarting after having seen all The competitors passing,  forced me to drive very angry and to a series of curses that will remain inside my helmet. Appointment tomorrow for the decisive day: however it goes it will be my pleasure :)

Photocredit: Josh East Photography

Created by: fmarangon2 - 01/10/22

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