Vroom on track for the T4 Nations Cup - Day 1

- On Track
We were invited to take part in Tillotson's event of the year driving a T4 kart and we accepted the challenge. In Valencia today the first free practice...(F.M)

When Tillotson's friends texted me a whatsapp to invite me to Valencia to race in the Nations Cup as a guest, in the beautiful setting of Valencia, I couldn't say no, although I consider myself a little rusty kart driver by now, weakened by two years of pandemic a vero few training on track recently. But we’re Vroom people, we like to try ourselves and above all, as soon as we have the chance, show how much we love karting, so I got on the first plane to Spain and here I am. The organization, this year supported by no less than RGMMC, the official promoter of the Cik FIA Championships, has made a significant leap in quality and this is evident as soon as you enter the paddock. The logistical effort of Tillotson, known in our world for carburetors, but a few years also on the 4-stroke karting market, is one of ambitious ones. The T4 is a kart that mounts on an IPK racing chassis the 225cc engine that the racing division of the American-Irish company, led by Andrew Fallon and Mark Ffrench, has developed for a championship that follows the philosophy of "maximum fun with an expense within anyone's reach "and performances far superior to a rental. The T4 series, which has now taken root in many countries of northern Europe, central South America and which next year is preparing to land in Australia starts from the assumption that the karts on the track must be truly the same for everyone, thus rewarding the driving qualities, and does not betray expectations. A hard compound Maxxis single-tire was opted for, because it is believed that being a more powerful engine than the classic 4-strokes normally used in similar races, a very soft compound could 'kill' performance and disappoint the driving experience. The regulation is rigid as these categories rightly provide where any intervention on the engine is prohibited by special seals and the fact that among the - many now - participants do not register discontent is a proof that one can still think of going to the track to compete only for fun, especially if you don't just go karting in life. It is with this spirit that today we completed the first six free practice sessions, without damage and with a decent pace. Tomorrow we start to get serious with qualifying (there are 41 only in my category) and heats in full FIA World “style”. Stay tuned...

Photocredit: Josh East Photography 


Stay tuned!
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