Joe Turney is the winner of the OK World Vroom Contest

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The clash between teammates saw the 2020 Vice-Champion prevail by a whisker

The twenty-one year old british Turney won the virtual title of driver most voted by our followers, also on this occasion around 15K, as a possible World Champion. Even in the last direct match, which saw him facing teammate and reigning Champion Taponen, the margin of preferences was minimal, an indication that it was not at all easy - and it certainly wasn't in any of the 7 "virtual" challenges. ”- choose a potential World Champion among 8 drivers who all seem to have what it takes to jump the top step on Sunday. It is useless to repeat that it was a game that, as stated (drivers not mentioned don’t be mad at Vroom) could have missed potential protagonists who could completely overturn this prediction on race day. First of all, the nice Freddie Slater, who did not miss, on the occasion of each of the votes, to DM us that he will win the World Championship! :) As we wish him and all the other members our best luck for Sunday, let's now go and enjoy the real race, the one on asphalt. As for the coveted official Mondokart t-shirt offered by the sponsor and drawn from the thousands of voting followers, it went to Dutchman Erwin Montfoort, a former kart driver - who raced from 2001 to 2017 - who now works as a mechanic for a Team racing the Rotax series.

Created by: fmarangon - 15/09/22

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