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The prediction game on "Who will be the next OK World Champion" starts today. Following the great success of the first contest on the KZ World Championship, Vroom relaunches: in collaboration with the sponsor Mondokart, there will be a prize to be drawn among the voters, an 'official' Mondokart T-Shirt!

As Gustafsson's victory at Le Mans demonstrated, getting a prediction right is not easy (and in any case among the top ten of the final there are 6 selected by Vroom) as the unknowns that a ‘one shot’  race are always many, and the drivers potentially able to win the title are many more than the 8 who, as a staff, we are "forced" to select based on factors such as the trend of the season so far, the rising performances or their stalling, the Team and the characteristics of the circuit compared to the skills of the driver. To quote Dino Chiesa at the beginning of the season, in an interview with Vroom right at the start of the FIA ​​Calendar: «Each of the 36 drivers who qualify for an OK final can potentially win the race (in this case the World title, editor's note…), and I say it against my interest as a manufacturer and team manager» he told us ironically. And one cannot disagree with him, given that, especially in the single-speed categories, the technical and competitive format is now able to guarantee a certain leveling of performance, which often entails as a direct consequence very hard-fought and exciting races until the very last corner. With this in mind, the 8 names we have selected are the ones you see in the quarter-final draw, rigorously drawn for face-off matches like the top players of a tennis tournament. Now it is up to you, through the stories of our Instagram profile, to decree the most 'probable' future World Champion in the single-speed premier class: have fun and good luck!

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Created by: fmarangon - 08/09/22

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