FIA Karting World Championship KZ/KZ2 - CRG dominates at Le Mans, Gustavsson and Carbonnel are World Champions

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Le Mans brings CRG back on the roof of world karting, two victories out of two and fasting over. Viktor Gustavsson takes the KZ crown, Arthur Carbonnel unrivalled in KZ2.

The World Championship confirms its prestige, its spectacularity, and above all its great ability to mix everything up at the last minute, especially in a KZ that seemed already written for the opinion of the paddock. Two finals in any case rich in new ideas, also in terms of the future, in a wonderful setting not only for the location steeped in motorsport but above all for the great presence of the public. 

KZ - Welcome back CRG! Gustavsson brings the All Blacks back to paradise
A worthy season finale for the queen class, master of the scene on the 24-hour circuit. Between qualifying, heats and super heats all the favours of prediction were leaning towards a Simo Puhakka, yes in his last season of his career, but as dominant as one of the first. The Tony Kart spearhead had left no room for his adversaries until this morning with the usual dominated heat run on the track. An overpower that had frightened everyone except Viktor Gustavsson, on the same trend as his rival. The start of the KZ final made all the expectations come true: a perfect start for the two "quarrels", immediately at loggerheads until Gustavsson's declaration of war, which did not take long to arrive. The Swedish driver of CRG wanted everything and right away, attacking Puhakka with conviction in the first "esse" of the second sector. Lightning attack that perhaps the Tony Kart driver did not expect and was forced to give up the leadership. From the second passage onwards, the fight for success turned into a duel with a historical flavour with CRG vs Tony Kart given the presence of Jeremy Iglesias and Noah Milell. The French driver, spurred on by the home crowd, then successfully tried his hand for second place, which effectively put an end to Puhakka's hopes, who was also overtaken by Milell. The cold war lasted a good seventeen laps when, again Iglesias, in an attempt to get ahead of Gustavsson had to give up something in his race pace, irreparably opening the door for Milell, who attacked for second place shortly afterwards. A four-way battle with no end in sight but the chequered flag and the official proclamation of Viktor Gustavsson as the new KZ World Champion. Regular race pace and hunger for success, sufficient ingredients to keep the Swede on the alert and with no room for error. A world title that comes five years after the last time when it was Paolo De Conto who made Giancarlo Tinini rejoice. An 'All-Blacks' rebirth after a difficult period, also given by the great work done with Iglesias, who was one step away from materialising the one-two and still on the podium. Big celebration also for TM and in particular for Galiffa Kart on the roof of the world in both categories. Honour to arms for Noah Milell, defending champion and now Vice-Champion, Simo Puhakka with a perfect fourth place to close a prestigious career, top five for the first of the Sodi Kart, Senna Van Walstjin. The French team did not succeed in the trio after the European Championship victories, but confirmed its great form. 

KZ2 - Le Mans has its own idol, what a domination for Carbonnel
If the pole position for today's Super Heat had come into Carbonnel's hands, above all, because of Trefilov's misadventure (disqualified for weight irregularities in the last heat), this afternoon's victory is solely and exclusively down to him. The French driver did his best to maximise a starting position, in all cases, earned by the sound of useful results in the heats and a more than promising race pace, the same that left no doubt after the first few laps. Excellently managed start and first few laps out of trouble and then digging almost two seconds after the first seven laps. Perfection put on the track and nothing more for Carbonnel, undisputed winner and KZ2 World Champion in front of his audience, dream come true and second present for CRG winning after six years from the last time when it was Pedro Hiltrbrand who triumphed. A masterpiece in front, but a masterpiece also for what concerns the podium of the "KZ2 World Cup" entirely in rookies traction. Cristian Bertuca carried the Birel Art colours very high by packing a dream first rainbow presence, sailing in the top positions for the whole weekend, also giving himself the World Championship podium and the role of Vice-Champion, all in his third KZ2 race in the FIA sphere and after the second place in Cremona. Numbers that bode well for the future of karting and that reward the Birel Art project from EasyKart to the premier class in the international sphere, the same path taken by Bertuca. Data also confirmed and signed by Arvid Linblad (SP Motorsport) at his last races (as rookies anyway) in KZ2 before starting his own adventure in Formula. A long-distance clash between the two, which then became close in the last laps of the final with Lindblad dangerous on all braking sections and Bertuca good at closing every minimum space. The key moment was the comeback of Trefilov, who started from a distance and came back strong at the top. He was too aggressive on Lindblad in turn one with a contact that put an early end to his weekend and also to Lindblad's chase, who was forced to watch Bertuca cross the line in second place, settling for third. Top five for Valentino Fritsch (Birel Art KSW) in fourth, fifth Felix Arnold (SRP Racing). To underline the forced retirement of Danilo Albanese (KR) due to a technical problem, definitely among the fastest on the track and author of the success during this morning's Super Heat. 

In KZ2 Master it was the landlord Thomas Letailleur who triumphed in the first edition of the category, podium for Eric Ramon and Thierry Delrè. Fourth place for Riccardo Nalon, fifth Johan Renaux to complete the top five positions. 

From Le Mans, Simone Corradengo
Photo: Motorsportpictures M.Perrucca 

Created by: scorradengo - 04/09/22

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