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Richard Mille and All Road Management are pleased to announce the expansion of their search for young motorsport talent in the Richard Mille Young Talent Academy.

Since its launch in 2018, the RMYTA has continued to perfect its approach and support in the search for future high-level motorsport drivers. Now for their fifth year of operation, the RMYTA is broadening the search by opening their doors beyond their historical partners, Birel ART: alongside three drivers coming from their network, eleven other racers aged 14 to 16 from all walks of life, both in Europe and across the globe racing with any chassis, to have the opportunity of submitting their applications for the 'Shoot out' which will take place on October 10 and 11 on the Navarra circuit in Spain.
Respective winners of the 2020 and 2021 rounds, Hugh Barter and Tymoteusz Kucharczyk, prove the quality of the RMTYA's recruitment with both young racers making a brilliant transition from karting to motorsport. The Australian dominates the Formula 4 France series at the middle of the season, while after just three rounds, the Polish rookie is in second place in the Spanish Formula 4 championship.
The winner of the 2022 RMYTA promotion will be offered a full season in the Spanish Formula 4 championship, six days of testing with the MP Motorsport team, the defending champion in the category, as well as personal support and exclusive technical and sporting coaching through a contract with All Road Management.
The fourteen chosen drivers will be selected based on their performance in karting as well as their career plans. They will be evaluated by a panel of professionals through direct and indirect observations both on and off the track. The fundamental qualities of a driver - speed, consistency, technical knowledge and physical condition - will be the core of the evaluation, but the latter will also take into account the ability of each to manage the aspects integral to a racing professional, such as stress management, adaptability, development, teamwork and interaction with the media.
“The objective of the RMYTA remains the same, to discover the best young motorsport talent of tomorrow, but the process to achieve these objectives is to broaden our search. All Road Management is delighted and proud to continue its involvement in this newly added valuable selection. The 2022 winner will be under contract with All Road Management and will benefit from the company's know-how and skills in the same way as all our drivers have. This detection aims to accompany its winner to the highest level of motorsport”.
“It is important to help young drivers because if brands like ours didn’t do so, the driver pool risks being depleted. It would be much easier to go with drivers who are already at the highest level, but that would be less exciting or rewarding, and would not correspond with Richard Mille's values. We are lucky to have confirmed drivers in the 'RM family', and some, like Charles Leclerc, have been among the young people we have supported from the beginning of their racing careers. This exemplary success should serve as an inspiration to the winners of the 2022 RMYTA”.
The terms and regulations of the 2022 RMYTA Shoot Out are listed on the following dedicated website:

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