Vroom Contest: Van Walstijn and Iglesias enter the semifinals

- Special
Many of you have voted your favorite for the World Championship on our Instagram stories. Van Walstijn prevails over Renaudin with a certain advantage, while the Iglesias Viganò clash, uncertain until the last minute, saw the French prevail

The first results of our Contest about the next KZ World Champion see the Dutch Van Walstijn excel and, surprisingly, the 2020 World Champion Iglesias of CRG on Viganò, 2022 Vice European Champion and sure as possible protagonist at Le Mans. Today's clashes between Denner and Milell and tomorrow's one, between Pedro Hiltbrand and the New European Champion Paolo Ippolito will complete the picture of the semifinals of our game, which saw many participants take part...

Stay tuned on our social networks to find out who according to Vroom's followers is the main candidate to win the World Cup, and of course to vote for your favorite ...



Stay tuned!
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