Survey: who's gonna be KZ World Champion in Le Mans? Express your vote

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Our game-survey on Instagram with the possible KZ World Champions starts today, because predictions and racing chit-chat are part of sport, and social networks are a bit like a bar. The 8 eligible candidates were chosen by the newsroom among those who convinced the most in the FIA races of 2022 and expressed potential for Le Mans, always considering that, however, the outsider is just around the corner ..

Before we start talking about the protagonists of the queen class with the gearbox, in light of what was seen at the European, a premise is a must. Just as in the other categories an event like the world championship presents unknowns that are indeed prerogatives of the single race, that is to say with no possibility of redemption: the best and luckiest makes the world title his or her own, thus makes the history books without ifs and buts. That is why we cannot fail to mention, especially in this case, the ranking as anticipated in the introduction.
The prestige, the credit conquered in this event is equally significant and we cannot overlook it. Because it is good to remember that in this category the most emblazoned teams remain CRG with no less than 9 titles ahead of Birel (8) and Tony Kart (5), with the Tm powerplant leading the way with no less than 12 titles. That said, despite CRG and Tony Kart not shining so brightly in the two European rounds, it cannot be taken for granted that they do not strike gold. Of course, it will not be easy to upset expectations, the odds that sees Sodi Kart as super favorite, but the world championship is a story in itself and anything can happen. So, in addition to the five we have named among the favorites for the final victory thanks to the results achieved at the European Championship, do keep an eye on the top CRG and Tony Kart drivers who, with the different weather conditions and possible lower temperatures that Le Mans may offer, could indeed hot the mark – big-time. So let's vote!



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