Here are the new tracks of the 2023 FIA Karting European Championship.

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The 2023 FIA Karting calendar as you may have seen includes some important changes, especially in the OK and OKJ European Championships.(gcg)

In fact, next year's races have been assigned to 3 new locations. The 7 Laghi track in Castelletto di Branduzzo is among them, but the Pavia circuit is certainly not new to most of the drivers who will be involved in the third round of the OK-OKJ European Championship, thanks to the numerous trophies held there. 
 Instead, our focus is on the two tracks that are less familiar to the Continental Circus. Beginning with the new Steel Ring Trinec facility in the Czech Republic and the Rødby Go-Kart Klub in the eponymous location in Denmark.
It has been since the 1990s that CIK/FIA races have not been held in the Czech Republic. Ceska Lipa is most famous for hosting some CIK European cat. FC and ICC rounds.
 The new facility in Trinec was born amid the pandemic and is located near Ostrava, a few kilometers from the Polish border. Again we have to stick to the photo image to try to understand the characteristics of the track. The track is 1,234m long. In the OKJ category, the best lap time was achieved by Jindřich Pešl in 52"8, in the OK the best lap time is by Zdeněk Groman in 51"8.
The Danish track is 1,246 meters long and 8 to 10 meters wide on the straight. From the pictures, we can see the long straight and although smooth the track features some challenging sections where overtaking is possible. 
 Again to get an idea we report the best lap times: Giulio Lassen (KZ2) did a 49.501 on June 5, 2022; Villad Lindenskov (OK) 50.491 on June 26, 2022; Oliver Hedegaard (OKJ) 51.167 on June 26, 2022.
 Track certainly up to par as is the paddock large enough to accommodate the 250 or so participants and the accompanying marquees.

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