Winter Cup. Brilliant!

Winter Cup. Brilliant!

A great show with lots of excitement, and hard fought battles till the last moment. The first event that opens the international karting season highlights Tm and Maxter performance that has caught up with Vortex, which dominated over the last season. And, it’s thanks to success by other manufacturers if we’ve been rewarded by such an exciting show. Yannick De Brabander (Intrepid-Tm) grabs KF1 flag of the 13th edition of the Winter Cup. The Belgian leads on Kozlinski (Crg-Maxter) and new karting revelation, Puhakka (Pcr-Tm). A very disappointed Ardigò leaves the circuit in Lonato: during the final, the World Champion comes in contact with De Brabander and takes an early exit, just four laps from flag.

In KF2, Britain’s Foster Jones (FA-Vortex9 snatches win from Sweden’s Wernersson (Tony-Vortex), while Harvey (Birel- Iame) gobbles up his rivals one by one to take a brilliant third. 

The fight is close in KF3 where Vainio (Maranello-Mcr) leads on Frenchman Maisano (Intrepid-Tm) and Italians Ceccon (Maranello-Tm) and Beretta (Birel-Tm)   


KF1 – 1) De Brabander (Intrepid/Tm/V) 28 giri in 20’08”394; 2) Kozlinski (Crg/Maxter/V) a 0”297; 3) Puhakka (Pcr/Tm/V) a 1”679; 4) Cesetti (Birel/TM/V) a 3”499; 5) Convers (Pcr/Windfire) a 3”540

KF2 – 1) Foster-Jones (Alonso/Vortex/V) 28 giri in 20’15”670; 2) Wernersson (TonyKart/Vortex/V) a 0”156; 3)  Harvey (Birel/Iame(V) a 0”299; 4) Camponeschi (TonyKart/Vortex/V) a 0”380; 5) Ishiyama (TonyKart/Vortex/V) a 1”439.

KF3 – 1) Vainio (Maranello/Mcr/D) 28 giri in 20’54”866; 2) Malsano (Intrepid/Tm/D) a 0”815; 3) Ceccon (Maranello/Tm/D) a 1”526; 4) Beretta (Birel/Tm/D) a 1”844; 5) Mackanzie (Alonso/Tm/D) a 2”245.

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