FIA Karting European Championship, Kristianstad - Khavalkin and Powell, what a triumph in Sweden

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As always, the Asum Ring at Kristianstad offers great entertainment. In Junior it is Khavalkin who wins a very important final for the general classification, in Senior it is Powell who wins.

OKJ - Khavalkin is back
It is a simply beautiful European Junior Championship. This is the worthy and unique summary of the three races held so far. Three different winners and a classification that is still changing, opening up every possible scenario to the grand finale at Franciacorta which, at this point, in its first appearance in the "FIA Karting circus", will award the European Championship.
Everything happened on the first lap with the no-holds-barred fight between Guillaume Bouzar who started on pole, Anatoly Khavalkin second and Jan Przyrowski third. After the second restart (not a perfect one by the way), Bouzar got off to a good start and Khavalkin almost got sucked into the group, only to pass everyone on the outside and return third behind Przyrowski. A false alarm for the Russian driver from Parolin, who was good at keeping calm and between the first and the beginning of the second lap was able to overtake first Przyrowski and then Bouzar and then defend himself again from Przyrowski and pass him again at the chicane, it would be the last effort towards the triumph. Perfect management that of Khavalkin, putting the rubber band on the competition and then starting to set fast laps towards the middle of the race until the last lap. A crushing, measured and beautiful victory, the result of a weekend that began in the right way with the group pole position and four victories out of five heats. In spite of the enforced absence at Zuera, where it should be remembered that the Russian was unable to get to the track due to bureaucratic visa problems, with such a perfect weekend, Khavalkin was able to cancel out the disadvantage and even touch the championship leadership, retained by four points by Nathan Tye who had stumbled into the black weekend and finished in tenth position. Just four points between the two ready to fight it out at the last turn at Franciacorta.
Podium completed by Przyrowski, solid and good at following Khavalkin without mistakes, final fight between Bouzar and Kutskov, which in the end rewarded the Birel Art driver who finished third just ahead of Bouzar, only to be overturned again with the 10sec penalty for the Birel Art driver, again to the advantage of his rival officially on the podium.

OK - Powell wins, Turney still on top 
A different weekend to the last two for the OK category but more significant than ever for the overall classification. 
Starting from pole Kean Nakamura-Berta did his best to hold the position, especially in the early stages after the start. Not an easy task and compromised once and for all by the great start of Alex Powell, who was competitive from the first metres and immediately in the unloading of his brand mate, who was tucked in with a surgical overtaking move at the end of the first lap. The Jamaican driver's first and only manoeuvre, never in question and above all crushing the race pace with more than a second on the competition. A victory that relaunches Powell in the standings, currently third, albeit with a gap to the top. Second place in the hands of Nakamura, who almost finished off the podium at one juncture of the race and then climbed up to second position, which is worth a good share of points in the standings. Third was Tomass Stolcermanis, protagonist as always of a solid weekend.
In addition to Powell also celebrates Turney, "protected" by the victory of the opponent useful to preserve the advantage of nine points over Nakamura in the standings, despite a not happy race ended in week position with the risks of the case, above all the hard fight with his companion Taponen, fourth ahead of Orlov in the top five.



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