Anatoly Khavalkin, return to the track as a protagonist

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The Parolin Racing driver returned to the track in Sweden and immediately managed to be a protagonist, especially in view of the European Championship.

The enforced absence of Zuera had disappointed the Parolin driver forced to skip the second round of the OKJ European Championship, arriving second in the standings after Portimao. An absence that charged Anatoly even more for the next two rounds of the European Championship, to be faced with the sole objective of finishing as far ahead as possible. 

In the third round of the Euro Series Champions of The Future at Kristianstad, Anatoly started to work in the best possible way to study the track and learn as much as possible. After the ninth qualifying time, the second fastest time in Group C, it was time for the numerous heats on Saturday afternoon. 

Heats which Anatoly, as always, made the most of by managing to win two heats, also finishing eighth, fifth and third. All enough results to start from the front row of the Super Heats in second position. A Super Heats that Khavalkin won on Sunday morning with an almost photo finish with the first of his rivals. 

During the final, Anatoly immediately took the lead after a good start. A battle that unfortunately did not allow Khavalkin to impose his own rhythm, but which nevertheless saw the Parolin driver in the top positions. Fifth place at the finish and good feeling for the European Championship next week. 

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Press Release by: Anatoly Khavalkin - 24/05/22

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