George Russell flourishes in F1

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George Russell is forging himself a truly promising season in Formula 1, so much so that one can now doubt his role as "second driver." Know, however, that the British lad had already been going strong in his karting days!

George Russell went fast from his very debut in Mercedes. From that moment on, he has always been part of the debate: how much money could you spend - as a team owner, even if you are one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers - to win the race for your car? Is Lewis Hamilton worth his salary? Is it too high, since this nice newcomer went really well in his first race, even faster than Bottas at the time?

Actually, this is a two-sided debate, since Hamilton is not only one of the best drivers in the world, but also one of the most popular icons in international motorsport, and that matters a lot in modern sports. But that has nothing to do with Russell, who is doing extraordinary things this season, finishing in third place in Barcelona ahead of Hamilton for the second time. Russell is coming close to the dream of victory and his affronts/defenses to/against Verstappen give early hope that he could do great things in Formula 1, provided Mercedes continues to develop its car with positive steps during the year...

Russel we remember had also made his mark in karting: after a winning start with Mini in 2012, he became CIK-FIA Junior KF3 (former OKJ) European Champion and then soon switched to single-seaters in 2014. He never raced in KZ but he, like many other celebrity drivers, prefers to race 125 gearbox karts when they can.

Created by: cggiuliano - 24/05/22

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