Nathan Tye, the immediate answer for Sodikart’s future

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With the victory in Zuera in the second round of the European OKJ Championship, Nathan Tye brought Sodikart back to the top in Direct Drive, too.

Tye's victory has already been defined as historic by many and we want to define it as necessary for karting’s future. The "driver with sunglasses" (by now a tradition on the podium) turned the spotlight not only on himself but also on the French team, long-awaited in the Junior and Senior classes. A proof of strength that launches Sodikart into orbit and puts it where top teams should be in every race weekend, that is to say, battling each other and offering the public and the fans a fight as varied as possible with unknowns and battles at the top between more names and more brands.
The objective is achieved, at least for now, especially thanks to the talent of a driver who has emerged slowly, step by step, especially in 2022. In the past season, the Briton had faced the necessary and difficult transaction to international karting with a first year made of kilometers and apprenticeship that, today, brings the first results.
Since the beginning of this year, Sodikart has been able to count on Tye (without forgetting the other drivers of the nursery struggling with aspects of top-level competitions) to navigate in the front positions, happily so, thanks to results. Between WSK, COTF, and, above all, FIA Karting, Nathan has made sure that he can be present in the situations that count. Several podiums, titles won on Friday or on the Saturday of the heats, and the near-victories such as the one of a few weeks ago in the preparation stage in Zuera on the occasion of the Champions Of The Future with a second-place, just a step away from success. The same one that Tye has been able to "keep" and conquer only fifteen days later, taking the jackpot that includes not only the joy of the first victory marked FIA but also the first position in the overall standings and a realistic bid for a place among the contenders to the title of 2022 European Champion.

Single-branded Trophies growth process
If the new international karting is discovering another potential talent, it probably owes it to Tye's journey, which rightly started at home with his presence in Oliver Rowland's team (now a solid given in the paddock) and the results achieved in the IAME Series. Golden opportunities, these, to gain experience before clashing with the category’s specialists, the same opportunities for improvement that Tye also granted himself in the Rotax world with his presence in the first round of the European season in Genk. Strong signs that, combined with the blend of "talent, right choices, single-make and rise into major competitions", could be the beginning of a great motorsport story.

Photocredits: Mario Perrucca

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