Severiukhin under FIA investigation for the gesture on the podium in Portimao

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The FIA announces through an official press release that measures will be taken following the Roman salute gesture made by the Russian driver during the awards ceremony.

The gesture of Artem Severiukhin on the podium of the 1st round of the OK European Championship in Portimao will have consequences. The FIA will shortly communicate what disciplinary measures will be against the 15-year-old Russian driver, competing with an Italian license.

In the meantime, his Team, Ward Racing - historic and well known Swedish racing team - states through a press release on its social media profiles that in addition to condemning the driver's gesture in the most total and complete way, it has immediately terminated its contract with the winner of Round 1 of the European Championship in the OK category. In the same press release, Ward Racing shares a series of considerations on the situation involving Russia and Ukraine, underlining how the boy's gesture is to be considered unsportsmanlike and as an unacceptable violation of the moral codes that sport must observe in all circumstances.


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