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Physical fatigue, as we know, conditions the driver's performance, and karting is indeed an extreme sport, with a speed/curve ratio second only to Formula 1, making this type of activity truly demanding on the body.

During a race, heartbeats reach 190 bpm, and thus it is necessary to be able to train for both resistance and strength, or rather "resistant strength". Not having suspensions, the kart produces a huge amount of vibrations and the human body becomes the mechanical center and torsion of the medium. Moreover, if you drive a kart with gears (KZ), the physical effort increases considerably due to the vehicle’s performance and the fact that you are driving for almost half the lap with one hand. The kart driver’s training should, however, not be inspired by bodybuilders, also because the driver must always be careful not to gain too much weight. One of the recommendations we can give is to privilege isometric training, exercises with static muscular contractions, ideal to train for strength and resistance at the same time.

In the Vroom issue of February 2021, we gave you an illustration of the work of Formula Medicine of Dr. Ceccarelli. With this article, we would like instead to give you some practical advice to exercise in the gym in the best way in view of your output on the track, competitive or not.
Let's start with the FOREARM. The first exercise you can do is the one shown below. Kneel on the floor with your forearms on the bench, rotate your wrists with the barbell up and down, for both the front of the forearm and the back.

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