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Here are some considerations for what we have seen on the track at the WSK Super Master Series.

KZ2 - Birel Art vs Sodi: a high-flying duel
Before looking at what happened in the Super Master Series, it is worth underlining that, unfortunately, there will be no other opportunities to see the protagonists of the Fia Karting 2022 stage at work. KZ and KZ2 will be back on track in an official capacity in May for the only two continental appointments before the World Championship. 
The three WSK Master Series races of Lonato and Sarno have shown, at least for now, that the duel for victory sees two teams of the calibre of Birel Art and Sodikart in the front row. In the meantime, the Dutchman Senna Van Walstijn (Sodi) took away the satisfaction of lifting the trophy. Impetuous and talented as always, Senna Van Walstijn is among the pretenders to the title, confirming what he showed last season when he finished second in the European KZ2 Championship.
The victory at Lonato and the consistency between qualifying and heats have rewarded the Sodikart driver. Nor did Pedro Hiltbrand's performance go unnoticed. The Spaniard, now with Birel Art, immediately stood out and was the poleman in the very final, which unfortunately did not end due to his retirement on lap 10 for mechanical problems, when he was dominating the race.
We will have to wait until late spring to see if the duel shown so far will have an incandescent continuation, or if it will vanish with the summer. 

OK - The Tony Kart trident is confirmed
The green drivers from Prevalle have achieved three victories out of four races with three different drivers, adding the overall victory in the Master Series. A run that seems unstoppable, and the different tyres that will be used on the occasion of the FIA Karting European Championship do not seem to raise any particular question marks for what will be the grand finale. Between Coluccio, Taponen and Turney is the Englishman to have the better of it, excelling in the regularity of the results. Throughout the weekend decisive Sarno, in fact, Turney has started quietly, coming out in the decisive moment between pre-final and final, even touching the victory, the prerogative instead of the brilliant Enzo Deligny (Parolin). Freddie Slater (RFM), the Finns of Koski Motorsport and some of the bearers of Ward Racing, are also to be included in the list of those entitled to a place in the sun. And then again Nakamura-Berta (KR), Stolcermanis (Energy), Ferreira (KR) and Powell (KR) who have shown they can break the bank when conditions are ideal.

OKJ - Bravo Bondarev, but the competition is fierce
Out of four races there were four different winners with three different chassis, starting with Lammers (Parolin), Fluxa (KR), Bondarev (RFM/LN Kart) and Khavalkin (Parolin). Among the four "litigants" it was Oleksandr Bondarev who rejoiced, wrapped in the Ukrainian flag on the final podium. A fourth place, a second and a victory were enough to put everyone in line.
The wide range of contenders gives an idea of what the European Championship will be like. And from Portimao, besides the already mentioned ones, several "tightrope walkers" are expected to come back, such as Dzitiev (Ward Racing), Matveev (Koski Motorsport), Kutskov (Birel Art), Dedecker (KR), Gladysz (RFM) and Tye (Sodi Kart), the same ones who showed off during the WSK Super Master Series.


Photo: Mario Perrucca / Motorsportpictures

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