Livery Contest 2022 - CRG and CL Kart will compete in the final

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After the rounds and semi-finals, CRG and CL Kart will be the two brands competing in the final for the best livery according to Vroom readers.

Our special contest, all on our official Instagram channel, goes on fast towards the final that will be staged from tomorrow at 12.00. 

Two semi-finals were fought out by all our followers. In the first semi-final it was CRG which managed to win, beating the Lando Norris chassis, 54% against 46% of preferences.

The second semi-final between Tony Kart and Charles Leclerc (Lennox Racing) was even more hard fought, with the latter able to get the pass to the final with 52% of preference against 48% of the chassis of Prevalle. 

Tomorrow at 12.00, on our official Instagram profile (@vroomkart), we will start the final.

Special thanks for the duration of this special contest to our sponsor for the occasion, Starlane, Digital Motorsport Instrumentation.



Stay tuned!
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