Anatoly Khavalkin proves to be competitive at La Conca, in a few days the last WSK SMS round at Sarno

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The driver of the Parolin team is ready to conclude the WSK Super Master Series in the best possible way, going to Sarno after his demonstration of competitiveness at La Conca.

The Russian driver did his best on a technical and difficult circuit like La Conca and especially in wet track conditions. The whole weekend, in fact, was characterized by rain that has enriched even more the experience of Anatoly. 

A good round at La Conca, starting from the official qualifying with the third place for group A (best lap in 45.412). As always, the Russian driver made his consistency his best quality also in the heats, scoring two third places and a fourth place. Unfortunately, the very last heat on Saturday afternoon meant a retirement for Khavalkin, who was forced to give up some better starting positions for the Pre-final, starting from sixth place. 

On Sunday, on a dry track, Anatoly made a good comeback, recovering three positions and finishing in third place. In the final sixteen laps of the weekend. Khavalkin continued his progression by moving up another three positions to finish in sixth place after also occupying the podium for some stages of the race. 

In a few days time, Anatoly Khavalkin will be at the starting blocks of Sarno for the last round of the WSK Super Master Series. 

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Press Release by: Anatoly Khavalkin - 08/03/22

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