Contest Livery - Final phase begins

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Our contest about the best livery in the paddock has reached its final phase. From tomorrow on, the quarter-finals will start.

Vroom's "Livery Contest", in collaboration with the sponsor of the occasion, Starlane XXX, has gathered approval and interest from the Instagram audience. Important data and, above all, a real battle between the supporters of one brand rather than another, this time without performance on the track but only on an aesthetic level.

In the first phase, we gave the public the opportunity to view and rate from 1 to 10 all of the collaborating brands' liveries over four days. From the four days, the top two liveries for each day emerged, thus forming the pool of the best eight.

The quarter-finals will now begin on our instagram profile in collaboration with Starlane.

Here are all the matches:

Group A
LN Kart vs Intrepid

Group B
Leclerc vs Birel Art

Group C
CRG vs Sodi Kart 

Group D
Tony Kart vs Kosmic



Stay tuned!
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