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In an electronic vote on 25 February 2022, the FIA World Motor Sport Council validated the following decisions.

P1 has been selected as the fuel supplier for the FIA Karting Championships, Cups and Trophies from 2023 to 2025 (except Superkart).
The selected fuel is 100% advanced sustainable and is made from second generation bio-based components and sustainable synthetic fuel.
The new fuel is available for stakeholders to purchase right away.
“The move to 100% carbon neutral fuel is a very important step towards the evolution of all FIA Karting Championships, further assuring an alignment with the overarching FIA Environmental Strategy and allowing us to continue racing in a sustainable-conscious manner” said President Akbar Ebrahim.

Extension of the homologation period for one year for CIK-FIA homologated Group 1, 2 and 3 tyres.
The various problems related to the COVID-19 pandemic had made it necessary to extend the validity of the homologation of chassis, bodywork, brakes, engines, etc. by one year. At the CIK Commission meeting on 9 November 2021, it was requested to return to the normal rhythm of three years between homologation sessions. As a result, the homologation for tyres until 31.12.2022 is extended until 31.12.2023 to ensure a three-year homologation period (2020-2023).


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