Livery Contest - Who's the fairest of them all?

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Vroom is pleased to announce a new contest that will involve kart enthusiasts and more. The challengers, this time, will be the karts themselves and specifically the new liveries.

On the official Instagram page of Vroom, our readers will be able to express their level of appreciation for the look of the new karts that are already the protagonists of this early season.
Stage 1
In the first phase the karts with the new liveries of the collaborating brands will be displayed on our Instagram Stories daily in groups of six brands per day. Story Readers will be able to express their appreciation from 0 to 10, thus forming a first ranking.
Stage 2
After collecting the data, the challengers will compete in a duel and the followers of Vroom will award the most beautiful livery with votes. Each duel will lead to the semi-finals and then to the final, which will elect the winning brand.
Special thanks to Starlane, Digital Motorsport Instruments, official sponsor of the Contest.
Official account Vroom on Instagram: HERE
Foto: - D.Pastanella 

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Stay tuned!
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