The Corsaro adds muscle

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A more powerful microprocessor is among the main features of the renewed visualization and data acquisition tool proposed by Starlane for karters.

The well-known difficulties in the market of electronic components have led Starlane to redesign the hardware of its range of dashboards, but this is also turning into an advantage for users, since among the new features of the new Corsair-II series (the steering wheel instrument appreciated by kart racers) is the adoption of a new microprocessor that is more powerful than the previous one.

But that's not the only improvement: from a technical point of view we find the addition of wi-fi connection to bluetooth, in addition to the Galileo satellite "constellation" that adds to GPS and Glonass to make the calculation of the position on the track even more precise; while from an aesthetic point of view we have a graphic simplification of the casing, now entirely in black with silver lettering. To distinguish the Pro version from the R is the adoption of the high-definition color display, as you can easily see in the images.

The Corsaro-II is thus an even more powerful and versatile tool, as it can be supported by the MAAT software for data management and reading, which has recently been made available not only for PC and Mac computers, but also for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


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