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Just a few seasons ago, the whole of British motorsport placed its hopes in a young boy who was both fast and ruthless during races: Dexter Patterson.

When one talks about motorsports, inevitably, one also talksabout the United Kingdom and the numerous phenomena and bright promises behind the steering wheel that it has churned out over time and continues to do so. Rewinding the tape a few years, we can easily see the Scottish flag flying again on the top step of the podium in an England-based race (PF International) in the OKJ category: the 2017 World Championship. 
That pale and only seemingly shy kid is Dexter Patterson, newly-crowned World Champion after a tight and finally controlled battle with two compatriots, namely Christopher Lulham and Harry Thompson.

Returning to the present and analyzing that weekend, we can say that it was the beginning of something great, not only for ForzaRacing, Patterson's team, but also for the Scottish driver himself, who was soon catapulted among the World Champions and the best "predestined" drivers to jump into single-seaters. After that season, on his return to the paddock, Patterson showed up again older, matured, changed and ready to win again but this time in OK. Between 2018 and 2019, Patterson gave a hard time to his rivals, drivers such as Travisanutto, Thompson, Nielsen, and others of like caliber. A huge leap in quality built parallel to or with the rise of the KR chassis in the standings. A succession of placings and successes including one that, probably and even if "useless" for the title, should be included among the best races ever seen in OK and in the personal list of successes of the Scot: Essay 2018. It was the last race of the European Championship of that season with the classifications already – in part – decided,and the focus and thoughts turned to the World Championship by then. On that occasion, Patterson managed to stage a very personal show of bravura and driving technique, leading the general classifications from the qualifications to the final, uninterruptedly and above all exhibiting such mastery and control as to embarrass the competition. "He drives on rails," said someone under the podium, and the 6.5-second gap inflicted on the first of his rivals (always Thompson) justified the description. 
In 2019 the first sirens to single-seaters beckoned with the passage from KR to Sauber Karting Team with the annexation to the Junior Program. Also in that case, outstanding results for Patterson such as third place in the European OK Championship, third place in the WSK Euro Series, and victory in that season’s Super Master Series (perhaps the most victorious). 
A more than glorious karting career for the Scottish driver, a perfect scorecard with which to move to cars in 2020, even if with little luck. Eight points in the first season in the Italian F4 with Bhaitech, three races in F4 UAE, and the shuttle between Euroformula Open with Drivex and Formula Regional with the Monolite team in 2021, until last season’s adventure in England in the GB3 Championship with eight races and his return to the podium.
For 2022 he returns to his roots. Now 18 years old, Pattersonleaves (temporarily?) the single-seater to start a new chapter of his career in the BTCC, as made official by Dexter at the beginning of the year. An "alternative option", an unusual one, butabove all to be exploited to re-launch himself first in his homeland (as happened in that PFI 2017) and then to resume what he has already and amply demonstrated in karts: if the premises are the ones detected by his new Team Manager who has defined his first experience at the wheel "amazing, it being the first time ever in that car, set up for another driver and on a wet rack", this year, do keep an eye on the young Scot!

Created by: scorradengo - 22/02/22

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