Pantano bets on simplicity!

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The 2022-2023 homologation sees the debut of Pantano karts, synthesis of the experiences of the great Italian driver.

For the 2022-2023 homologation Giorgio Pantano has homologated 2 chassis: the Pantano P1 and P2. In this homologation, manufacturers have not introduced revolutionary designs and Pantano was no exception to this trend. Remaining with his feet on the ground, he produced two frames with a conventional design, focusing on the quality of the tubes used for their manufacture that, today, make the difference. In particular, the P1 has a mixed structure with 30-32 mm tubes, while the P2 is all in 30 mm tubes. Rightly the champion from Veneto says that the most important thing is the experience and the ability to set up the car in the economy of the race, offering the drivers 2 types of frames capable of adapting to any kind of tire and asphalt conditions. Pantano wanted to emphasize that much of the research has been carried out with a view to guaranteeing the chassis a long lifespan so as not to force drivers to change several frames over the course of the season.


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